Will this be a lot of work on my end?

The goal of Fake A Vacation is to completely take the work out of your hands. Your only major task will be acquiring photos that highlight your best self. We will find background pictures that will be the best match and create the package for you.

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What if I don’t have many photos of myself?

Once the order is placed our professionals will provide you suggestion on attire and how to take pictures. You can either take new pictures of we can work with existing pictures. Whether you have hundreds of photos are none, our professionals will carefully choose the photos that are most likely to create a great match for the package. If we receive your pictures and still think we need better ones, we will patiently guide you through the process or make suggestions to further assist you.

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I’m a very private person. Is this all confidential?

Yes. Over the years we’ve worked with some very private people, as well as people whose discretion is required due to their careers. All information remains completely confidential. In addition, you can place your order with any name. All we need for processing the order is an email address.

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Can I share the pictures on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms?

You own the copyright on the delivered pictures. You are encouraged to share them on Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms. We do not imprint anything that shows our logo on them so they look like original vacation pictures.

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Any instructions on how/where I should be taking my pictures to submit for the package?

Although we will accept any pictures however for best results it is suggested that you go to a nearby location / park and take pictures there. For best results, ensure your attire matches the package you selected so the final picture looks real. You are encouraged to use cell phone camera to take these pictures if that is normally what you use on an actual vacation. Remember the more real it looks the more it is a real and not a fake vacation.

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Between the several background pictures shown which one would you choose for my order?

When making an order you can choose the number of pictures needed and place the order. Once you send us your pictures, we choose a background picture to use. The choice of background is made based on several considerations, mainly

  1. Light effect on your picture that matches closely with the picture your provided
  2. Real estate based on number of visitors
  3. Attire is a consideration
  4. Other considerations are color scheme, shadow effect, hue etc.,

For some reason if you do not like our choice of background image on a picture, you have a onetime credit to get one new picture with the other background picture of your choice within 7 days of delivery of your order.

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How does the order process work?

The order process consists of 3 steps.

  1. On web site you choose the vacation package, select number of people and number of pictures. Add the order to cart and pay for it
  2. You will receive and email confirmation of the order and instructions how to send back your pictures (via email or as site submission)
  3. Once we receive your pictures, we will create the vacation package with your pictures and send those back to you.
  4. Limited modifications can be considered on delivered pictures in the next 7 days. After that the order is set to completed status
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What is the turnaround time to get my pictures?

In most cases, once we receive your pictures you should have vacation pictures delivered within 72 hours. However, things like weekend and holidays might change the timeframe. please refer to turnaround time link for details.

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