Faking a vacation with pictures. Wonder if you would ever do that. No, right!!  Why would someone fake a vacation? Vacations are so much fun, we wait to go on a vacation, why would we fake it. It is an experience to cherish. Right? Hmm, let’s start by searching for fake vacation or the hashtag “Facation”. From my research I found the following 5 reasons why people fake a vacation.

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1. Let’s start with some facts.
Here are some facts about fake vacation. Looks like millennial are creating the “Facation” trend. Check it out. 
More Than 33% of Men Say They’ve Faked a Vacation Photo
Ref: 33% of Men

The trend following by millennial is way higher at 56%
Ref: 56% Millennials

2. Vacations as not expensive they have some real challenges
Form budgeting for a vacation to its economics, there is a lot more there. Ever heard of vacation fraud, rental fraud. Are you a solo traveler well your job is a little easy. Add a mix of kids or pets when travelling on a vacation. And notice how the considerations changes. Check it out.
Ref: 7 challenges of a vacation to consider

3. KFC ran an Instagram campaign showcasing “Fake vacation”
KFC the famous fast food chain ran a successful ad campaign on Instagram/Facebook featuring Fake vacation at their Romania franchises. Fake vacation is not just a hype. Brands are using it as well. Check out the Instagram influencers who admitted they were faking their vacation pictures.  
Ref: KFC campaign using fake vacation

4. “Fakecationing” Is The Perfect Meme For Bragging To Your Friends
Not able to make a vacation and your friends are going to a vacation. Well, no worries, just fake a vacation to brag to your friends. You could do it with Photo editors, researching and some other computer skills or use a service that can do it for you, like FakeAVacation offering most famous vacation packages covering their attractions with prices starting at $19 only.
Ref: Fake vacation for bragging

5. Finally, It’s already being done
Still thinking some people are just doing it on the side. No not really. It is really a trend. A social media inspired trend of-course, but yes, it is a trend that is picking up. Make sure you check it out.
Ref: Fake vacation a trend

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