Vacations are fun, relaxing and time to remember. People dream of going on vacation, visualize their experience on a trip, it starts with enthusiasm. Family members are all excited and looking forward to it. You are on cloud 9 when you start.

Yes, agreed, that’s how they start. The question is: “Is that what you think they really are?” Have seen a lot of posts on how their vacation was, the pictures, what all was done. Makes me want to go on that vacation too. Sounds right.

Well, let’s add a dose of reality and let me know if the following is not true or had not happened to you or feel free to add to it if you agree.

1. Vacations are expensive

Vacations are fun, but you burn a lot of cash fast.Flights, lodging, rental car,

activities, those tickets, meals and the related shopping. Things quickly add up, going with a family yes now things start to multiply. Think you always come back from vacation within budget. Well check your credit card after a vacation to know how much you really spent.

2. Planning a nice vacation takes time

A well planned vacation needs time. Looking for opportunities, the right time to travel, the right weather and the most important; the best deals. Fishing those deals requires time on top of the vacation packing, shopping etc. Optimizing your time while on vacation is an art. Trying to cover the maximum in a limited amount of time and making sure its not too hectic. Yes vacation planning takes time event with the tools readily available now. And for a group vacation, did you get a consensus.

3. Vacation are a hassle

Travelling Solo may be ok. Travelling with friends or travelling with kids and pets, well, let’s just say fun with the challenges. Taking those car seats and strollers through the airport, the baggage, the tantrums and the journey itself could make you tired before you start. To it with the limited options of what you can do while on vacation. Ever tried trekking with kid’s well think again, there might some load on your solders in middle of the journey.

4. Vacations are always over budget

When budgeting for a vacation did you add cost for that extra  baggage fee, for the picture being sold at the booth before you enter the park/ride, the parking fee, those taxes, hotel WiFi, those tips etc. Yes small amounts right. Well, these are small amounts, but they quickly add up. Vacations seldom match up with the budget. Don’t agree, well try tallying numbers with your budget next time.

5. Ever felt home sick when on vacation

Short trips may be OK, ever been on a longer vacation a week or more. As days go by; ever felt “Home sick” or missing home. The freedom, the friends, family or pets you left behind. Well, that’s part of it as well. Vacations do not end with that excitement as they start. Think so?

6. Adventure Travel or a little too Advantageous

Ever traveled to a totally new place where you have never been before. Yes, it has it own flavor adventurous right; or may be a too much? The new area, directions, if it is another another country, their language, their regulations and cultures. Yes technology helps, but sometimes things go south. Vacation rental scams, shady areas, and the rest not so fondling memories. Let’s not talk about those, but if you are travelling those are legitimate risks to consider. Would you not agree?

7. Vacations require patience

Let’s start with those long lines at the airport, for the park ride, for the travel.

Timing is critical, going over holidays or long weekend, we you know what expect, other are there too. Travelling to another country, adds another layer of patience for language translations. Yes, fast passes have made things easier, but still unless you own a private island, vacations require patience. Disagree, well, let’s ask someone traveling with kids.

Counter points

Let’s consider some counter arguments
– But everyone goes on vacation, my friends are going on vacation.
– But these frauds did not happen with me
– But I am good at finding deals
– But I am good at planning vacation
– But I learn from past vacation so my vacations do come on budget.
– But I use this XYZ tool that solves this aspect

Agreed vacations are still fun! But let’s add those dose of reality to them. Please add your comments if you have had similar experiences. And remember when you can’t make a vacation fake a vacation. So you can tell everyone you went on a vacation avoiding these risk.

Let’s see if you agree or dis-agree with me on these 7 reasons. Thanks for reading my first post. On to you now

9 thoughts on “7 challenges of a vacation to consider

  1. Like the post had travelled with kids. It seems so real. Vacation is fun but tough as well no doubt

  2. So realistic. This budget thing had me spinning as well. Vacations are always over budget $$$

  3. Am a solo traveller; a lot here does not related to my expereince except the point of vacation fraud. That happened with me once. Nice post though

  4. I thought I was the only one doing it. Wow its a trend. Need to bookmark your blogs. Thank you!

  5. Hi my friend! I wish to say that this post is amazing; nice written and include almost all vital infos. I would like to see more posts like this.

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